Aliaxin Dermal Filler

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Six different products delivering specific aesthetic results. Non-invasive, innovative contouring, lifting and hydration.


Aliaxin SR

Shape and restore
Thanks to the dual action of lifting and bio-restructuring, Aliaxin SR restores harmonious facial balance with a long-lasting effect. Ideal for broad areas and particularly suitable for sensitive areas (tear trough, temples) as well as for facial contour definition.


Aliaxin FL

Fine lines
Specific treatment for lips, fine lines and lip contour, with an ideal viscosity and hydrating properties, for restoring firmness and natural definition.


Aliaxin GP

Global performance
Ideal for the treatment of most common facial imperfections, offering corrective and prolonged action for wrinkles and more pronounced folds (nasolabial folds).


Aliaxin LV

Lips Volume
Thanks to an optimal viscosity, it’s indicated for harmonious lip volumisation.


Aliaxin EV

Essential volume
Optimal lifting capacity. Ideal for subcutaneous implants, restoring facial volume and symmetry with natural results.


Aliaxin SV

Superior Volume
Indicted for the correction of important volume deficits and to redefine contours.