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Lip filler

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The lips are the main focal point of our face! They serve a purpose as the entrance to the oral cavity and are a main sensual attraction point of the human body. Whether you’re in your 20s seeking a lip enhancement to improve biologically thin lips or in your 50s seeking to restore volume, lost to the ageing process with the destruction of collagen fibres and hyaluronic acid. Lip enhancement is a personal journey, which can be tailored to your anatomy and facial features, for a naturally enhanced result.

The progressive loss of collagen and elastin as the skin ages creates fine lines, wrinkles and deep creases. A lip enhancement can shape a cupid’s bow, re-define a vermillion border, add volume to the vermillion (the main body of the lip) minimising fine lines, contouring the shape of the lip, turn up the oral commissures (downturned mouth edges), enhance your philtrum columns (nose to upper lip lines) and improve the appearance of your peri-oral lines (fine lines around your mouth or smoker’s lines). The lips normal shape varies with age, lifestyle, and ethnicity.

• A full consultation will occur prior to treatment – 20 minutes.
• The best lip filler treatment options will be discussed for your lips.
• A topical anaesthetic applied for comfort.
• A full dental block for complete numbing can be arranged for your comfort.
• How much does lip filler cost? This will be discussed in your free consultation with your practitioner, to achieve the best treatment outcome for you.
• Treatment time – 15 mins.
• Downtime 2-3 days of swelling, redness and possible bruising.
• Product settles within 2 weeks.
• Results last 6-12 months depending on the product used and lifestyle.
• Less is more when a natural enhancement is requested.

A brief outline of lip anatomy may assist you to further understand the complex procedure of lip enhancement, and the importance of finding a qualified injector.

Stratified squamous non-keratinized epithelium, often referred to as the oral mucosa, the inner aspect of the lip, is a danger zone for blood vessels and should never be injected. The oral mucosa unfolds to the vermillion, specialized stratified keratinized epithelium (the wet/dry border) where injection should occur (safety zone). The pale skin that separates the vermillion from the outer skin, is the vermillion border. The philtrum and its columns form part of the upper lip, the cupid’s bow, located at the base of the columns, demonstrates an inferior convexity, nestled between the two peaks. The lips join at the oral commissure, the superior and inferior lateral aspects of the vermillion border, the cheilion is located here.

The rich arterial and venous blood supply of the lips is supplied by the facial artery and vein. They originate from the external carotid artery and empty into the jugular vein, surfacing over the mid-mandible, which branch off to the angular artery and vein superiorly and medially to the superior and inferior labial branches, supplying the lip to ensure continual oxygenated blood supply to the lips, each bifurcate and anastomose, with similar branches from the opposing side. The lips have a sensory nerve supply which stems from the infra-orbital, buccal and mental branches of the fifth cranial nerve. There is also a deep muscular layer called the obicularis oris, which is also innervated by the buccal branch of the 7th cranial nerve.