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The New Skin-Tox Facial

The Skin-Tox Facial offers instant ‘glass skin’.

Traditional toxin is injected intramuscular and irons out and prevents deep creases in the skin as you know. Skin-Tox Facial, on the other hand, targets pores to create an all-over smoothing effect by tightening them to reduce their appearance and make skin look brighter. Creases may improve too. It’s not as effective on really deep wrinkle lines, but it does improve very fine lines.

Congested Skin

It can also banish breakouts because sweat and oil glands are affected by the procedure, too. As pores essentially become smaller from the procedure, sebum stops forming. Excess oil can block pores and hair follicles, leading to breakouts, Skin-Tox helps to decrease oil production.

Collagen Induction

Secondly, the needling stimulates collagen production which stimulates cell to cell communication targeting keratinocytes, melanocytes & fibroblasts. The 3 main cells within the skin.

The Results

Skin-Tox Facial will give you ‘filter fabulous skin’ in real life, exclusive to Cosmo Pro.