Age Spots

Do you suffer with age spots, dark spots or uneven skin tone?

Age spots can appear as tan, brown or black spots on the skin. They may look like large freckles or large patches. Sometimes they occur by themselves, and at other times you may see several spots close together. They are the result of either hormones or sun damage as you age caused by pigment changes.

Age spots appear because of an overproduction of melanin that darkens the pigment (coloring) of the skin. Ultraviolet (UV) rays from sun exposure increase the production of melanin, and this is the leading cause of age spots. Other causes of age spots include exposure to certain chemicals and pollution as well as hereditary predisposition. Age spots can be produced by the breakdown of collagen levels and the reduction of elastin fibers within the skin. These breakdowns can lead to discoloration on the surface of the skin, forming unsightly age spots.

There are easy ways to prevent these issues from occurring, medical grade skin care and treatment options to help you restore and maintain the youthful radiance of your skin. There are several treatment options available to remove age spots and I am proud to offer treatments that can address these spots. Chemical peels are the latest cosmetic trend with promising results. This is a treatment process that improves skin tone and texture resurfacing while reducing discoloration.

The appearance of age spots, melasma (hormonal discolouration), and sun damage on the face can have a negative impact on one’s self-esteem. Chemical peels are a convenient procedure that do not require anesthesia, incisions, or a long recovery period. Results are designed to look natural and be long-lasting. Not only can a chemical peel provide instant results, but it can also ensure long-term improvements in your skin as new collagen continues to develop in the weeks after treatment. A chemical peel treatment offers the advantage of targeting just the area of skin being addressed and not affecting the surrounding skin area. The number of procedures and extent of each treatment will be based on the patient’s skin condition and the size of the area to be treated.

During a full medical consultation I will provide the information you need to decide the best solution for your skin. Typically, the procedure takes less than an hour and produces results in a series of treatments. All treatments are carried out in my clinic or in the comfort of your own home. Chemical peels are one of the most effective treatments for a wide array of medical concerns such as acne, rosacea, anti-ageing, dull skin, and pigmentation concerns, suitable for all skin types.

Age spots are even harder to deal with as they tend to occur naturally over time. Thankfully, Amanda Azzopardi Aesthetics Clinic is here to offer a range of treatment options for getting rid of age spots and other skin problems for good. If you’re ready to eliminate your age spots and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles while you’re at it, it’s time to make an appointment with Amanda at Amanda Azzopardi Aesthetics.

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Amanda Azzopardi – Advanced Nurse Practitioner – RM, RN, INP, DIP, BHS

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