Platelet Rich Fibrin

Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin (i-PRF)

Has now become the replacement and improvement for PRP in the quest for the ultimate autologous (obtained from you and given back to you) blood concentrate in aesthetics. With more volume effect, better skin rejuvenation and longevity of treatment. Patients are more satisfied with their results, which are more obvious to their eye. Fewer treatment sessions are required thus increasing the appeal of such treatments to aesthetic seekers. Much of the clinical data for these blood products comes from orthopaedic and dental applications, but as the aesthetic virtues are being defined and refined, we expect more data to surface in the aesthetics field.

A completely 100% natural treatment to improve scars, fine lines, dark circles, hair loss, sun damage, dehydrated dull uneven skin tone, acne, blemishes, hyperpigmentation and skin laxity.

More about iPRF treatment

The concentrate is typically richer in platelets and white blood cells. White blood cells are quite variable and typically low in concentration for traditional PRP concentrates despite the evidence for the efficacy of autologous concentrates. Tissue augmentation, in particular, seems to be influenced by these all-important cells. The specificity of the low speed spin, size and inner surface characteristics of the new i-PRF tubes allows for more important concentrations of white blood cells and growth factors found in i-PRF versus PRP.

Additionally, the absence of anticoagulant allows an all-important fibrin clot to form after injection which allows for a slow release of the growth factors over several days. This biologic scaffold not only gives a sustained volume effect but seems to play a role in the longer-term health of the skin and fat in the injected areas.

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Amanda Azzopardi – Advanced Nurse Practitioner – RM, RN, INP, DIP, BHS

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