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My Vision

A love of dynamic, ageing, facial features, demands participation in ongoing education. To assist my patients to reverse this relentless process, to maintain their youthful features and assist them to age well.

My Mission

Offering my patients the most up-to-date knowledge, coupled with scientifically proven treatments, to support them on their journey, to achieve outcomes that are constantly results-driven.


Decrease the visible signs of ageing, reduce fine lines, treat hyperpigmentation, acne and rosacea.

Aqualyx fat removal

Aqualyx® To dissolve unwanted areas of fat. Suitable for double chins, jowls, bingo wings, stomaches, hips, thighs and love handles.

Viscoderm Hydrobooster

Viscoderm Hydrobooster, hydrostretch action for dynamic areas of the face, smokers lines, crows feet, frown lines. Superficial stretching, deep hydration. 

Aliaxin Dermal Filler

Innovative treatment for natural contouring, lifting and hydration of the whole face.


Improve skin laxity on the, face, neck, arms, abdomen, décolleté and knees. Transforms tired, dull-looking skin, into firm, luminous skin.

Providing a full range of medical, aesthetic and non-surgical treatments, in the comfort of your own home or a clinic in Liverpool. A combination of wrinkle relaxing treatments and injectable dermal fillers, that complement each other, to restore volume, create lift and achieve subtle, natural results.


Profhilo skin booster
AlumierMD medical-grade skincare
Viscoderm Hydrobooster
Aqualyx fat dissolving
Wrinkle relaxing treatments
signature liquid facelift combination treatment

Aliaxin dermal fillers
Marionette and nasolabial lines
Smokers lines
Hand rejuvenation
Jawline re-shaping and contouring
Tear trough fillers
Temporal hollowing treatment
Non-surgical rhinoplasty
Full facial rejuvenation 
Volume restoration
Fine lines and wrinkles

Service inclusions

Personalised treatment plan.

Full support and advice on all treatment options.
Treatments tailored to your individual needs.
Personalised treatment packages available.
Payment plans to cover treatments.
Advice on aftercare for non-surgical cosmetic concerns.
Complimentary 2-week post-treatment review.

Opening hours

Monday-Saturday 8am -6pm

Sunday and out of hours by appointment.

About Amanda

In practice since 2003, now an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and prescriber in acute and aesthetic medicine. Pursuing more advanced injectable treatments and a medical-grade skincare line. When people wear the best external version of themselves, they achieve goals in all areas of their lives. My objective is to assist my clients to feel comfortable in their ‘own skin’, by enhancing their self-image and allowing their confidence to shine through.

Dedicated to effectiveness and safety.
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Professional Results

The foundation of treatment success is a full consultation prior to your treatment.
A comprehensive facial assessment, examining your treatment options will be discussed and a tailored treatment plan developed. This consultation will be undertaken to address your expectations and suitability for treatment, optimising your treatment results. A full evaluation of your medical history, discussion of past treatments and surgeries, and any allergies will allow me to get to know you. This consultation time will let you discuss any issues or concerns; we will then complete a consent form and plan post-treatment care.

Before and after photos will be taken to tailor future treatments.

An aftercare treatment leaflet will be provided.

cosmetic redress scheme

Happy clients


Amanda is amazing. Her professionalism and guidance helped to guide me to decide perfect treatments for me, as I was unsure of how or where to start. Fantastic results and will certainly be contacting her very soon for Aqualyx and B…x.