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Non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

Based in Liverpool, Amanda Azzopardi provides a wide range of professional non-surgical, aesthetic treatments, tailored to your needs. 

Clinic and mobile appointments available.

AlumierMD medical-grade skin care

Brighter ideas in skincare science

Experts in skincare science-based products, in a luxurious formulation, developed through advanced chemistry, optimising the bioavailability of each molecule to produce prescription-strength formulations, to provide optimal ingredients and concentrations, for your specific skin concern.

AlumierMD has designed multifaceted, results-orientated skincare products, targeting the underlying physiology for each skincare type, condition and individual.

During a consultation, I will assess your skin profile and type, which will include dry, normal, combination, oily skin, and your skin condition to assess if you have rosacea, sensitive, acne, or hyperpigmentation. As one product or skincare regime, will not suit all, AlumierMD is tailored to the individual to optimise and maximise results.

AlumierMD considers’ variables such as age, ethnicity, and climate, which can all impact upon your lifestyle, and treatment results considering these factors we can determine your skincare profile to optimise a treatment regime for you.

Home care products work synergistically to improve your skin and prepare it for professional treatment and to maintain results post-treatment. Professional treatments enhance the results of your homecare treatments. Combining these two will customise your results, to improve your skins tone, texture and visible signs of ageing.


Cheek fillers

Replace volume loss in sunken, aged cheekbones, to sculpt, lift and contour your face.

Signature liquid facelift

The ageing process can dramatically alter your facial structure, bone and fat pad loss, the hollowing of the temporal structures, and loss of mid-face volume render your appearance, aged and gaunt. Your cheeks and jawline may lose their shape and definition, leading to the formation of jowls,  with a loss of volume in the chin and tear trough hollowing. As we age, we lose skin elasticity, collagen and volume increasing fine lines and wrinkles.

Dermal fillers are a cosmetic treatment to restore the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and facial volume, resulting in truly exceptional results. Hyaluronic acid is the injectable dermal filler of choice, used to rejuvenate and refresh your appearance, by supporting facial structures and tissues, drawing water molecules to the surface of the skin, to rehydrate and restore, ageing facial features.

    Hand rejuvenation

    Hand rejuvenation to address volume loss and bone degradation, diminishing the appearance of prominent veins.

    Jaw line re-shaping and contouring

    Re-define your jawline, lost though age, bone degradation, and jowl formation, to restore the strong, sharp confident angle of youth.

    Lip fillers

    Lip augmentation can transform thin, uneven lips into vibrant, lustrous lips. Defining your lip shape, adding volume and creating an alluring crisp cupid’s bow, the focal point of your face. Achieve the subtle enhancement or the perfect pout you’ve always desired.

    Marionette lines

    Vertical lines caused by repeated facial expressions and loss of collagen as we age, that extend from the corners of the mouth to the jawline, portraying a sad appearance, can be replenished and filled to encourage improved skin texture and flexibility.


      Nasolabial folds

      Soften lines, wrinkles and heavy folds, from the nose to the corners of the mouth, that form with age.


      Non-Surgical rhinoplasty

      Reshape, resize or contour the shape of your nose to correct asymmetry, bumps or a crooked appearance, without the downtime, pain or expense of surgery.

      Smoker's lines

      Vertical lip lines predominantly on the upper lip, formed by the natural ageing process and repeated pursing of the lip. Small etched lines form upwards from the vermillion border, which can be softened and smoothed with superficial injections of dermal filler.

      Tear trough fillers

      Tear trough fillers address under-eye lines, creases bags and hollows, to smooth, enhance and replenish the fine tissues.

        Temporal hollowing treatment

        A skeletal appearance becomes greatly defined with age, as adipose tissue (fat tissue) is lost, replacement of volume in the temporal region, can quickly and safely fill out the hollows, restoring a youthful, freshened look, providing a subtle, yet profound effect.

        Wrinkle relaxing treatments

        •  Female Facial Line Softening: 
        •  Male Facial Line Softening: 

        Areas that can be treated include:

        •  Frown lines
        •  Hyperhidrosis (blocking of the apocrine gland to prevent armpit sweating)
        •  Nefertiti lift
        •  Crow’s feet
        •  Gummy smile
        •  Bunny Lines
        •  Nasolabial fold (Laughter lines)
        •  Smokers lines
        •  Glabellar complex
        •  Non-surgical brow lift
        •  Marionette lines (Sad lines)
        •  Pebbly chin (Relaxation of a dimpled chin)
        •  Masseter / Jowl relaxation (softens the jawline, limits teeth clenching)

        Prices will be provided upon consultation, as muscle strength and results will vary per individual.

        Advanced Nurse Practitioner

        RM, RN, INP, DIP, BHS


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